Can I use Kidsize now? (Beta testers)

At the moment Kidsize is just a prototype that has been demonstrated in relevant environments. You can download the Kidsize app for android at Google Play but you need a pass to unlock it because for the moment is only available for beta testers. If you want to become a Beta tester and participate in next testing round, please contact us at

We are working hard to make Kidsize available for as much brands as possible and to make it available for other mobile phone platforms.

How accurate is Kidsize app?

Kidsize app can obtain over 30 body measurements with a precision of 1 cm. It is much faster and consistent than if you had to take those measurements yourself, which typically would involve an uncertainty circa 2-5cm.

How can Kidsize know the size of my children for different brands?

To provide an accurate size recommendation and a fitting prediction, Kidsize algorithms compare the body measurements of your child obtained with the app with the dimensions of the body that the patternmakers of each brand used to design the clothes. This way, Kidsize knows, for each brand, which is the best size for your child and how will it fit at the different body areas.

Kidsize algorithms consist of expert rules and statistical models based on hundreds of fit trials that are used to provide the Brand’s Recommendation for wearing the garment straight away, the Parent’s Recommendation for wearing the garment this season and the next one, and the traffic lights indicating the fitting of each size at different body areas.

Will Kidsize recommend sizes for any childrenswear Brand?

Yes, Kidsize could be made available for any childrenswear Brand that follows consistently a sizing system. In other words, Kidsize will work for any Brand or manufacturer that knows which body is dressing with each of their sizes.

Kidsize has already been demonstrated for Bóboli and Sucre d’Orge garments including trousers, t-shirts, dresses, shirts, rompers and bodysuits. Each of these brands, follows a different sizing system, namely ASEPRI international mannequins and the body dimension tables from Groupe Enfants France. Since the two systems used by these brands have already been integrated into Kidsize, the size recommendations for these two brands and for any other brand using any of these two sizing systems will come first.

Is Kidsize available in different languages?

At this moment Kidsize is only available in English. It will be translated to other languages before becoming commercial. We will start by translating it to the two languages of project partners: French and Spanish.

Will there be a similar development for adults coming soon?

Yes, the methods used for developing Kidsize 3D body capture with an app and the size recommendation system are ready to be replicated by IBV in the adult context. We hope that these developments are launched as soon as possible.